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About Us

Dermis Boutique is a 100% female black owned Online Boutique that offers a wide range of dermatologically tested skincare products suitable for all ages and ethnicities. We take an integrated, personalized medical approach to all our offerings, giving our customer/patient the advantage of dermatology advice without the expense of a trip to a dermatologist. The company is anchored by a board-certified Dermatologist, Dr Nomphelo Gantsho. Our dermatologist is fully qualified in the College of Medicine of South Africa (CMSA) as Fellows of the College of Dermatologists (FC Derm) and is a member of the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA). Dr Gantsho is the go-to dermatologist for expert opinion in Medical and Aesthetic dermatology as it has been demonstrated by over 10 years of experience.

Dr Gantsho’s practice is in Century City, Cape Town and over sees a Phototherapy Treatment Clinic managed by a qualified nurse. She still runs a clinic once a week in Groote Schuur Hospital and is involved in teaching undergraduate medical students and dermatology registrars. Our dermatologist has extensive experience acquired from Public and Private healthcare practice in the dermatological field, having successfully treated and cared for all skin conditions and concerns. She is regarded as icon of South Africa’s moral and professional regeneration – a model of excellence and integrity in all her dealings. Dermis Boutique is anchored and endorsed by an African Dermatologist Dr. Nomphelo Gantsho known in their communities for their passion in Skin health.”